Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Holy Cow I can't believe how long it has been since our last post!
Well, we've been working hard on Roo's noise anxiety. It is getting there. She still occasionally hides in her crate when I get ready for an afternoon or evening walk, but once she's out she seems to be fine. I have to be on guard for any and all sounds that might upset her, and then make sure I don't react- I can't even look at her, especially if I know she is reacting. Can't say a word, just have to keep moving on. This small thing has been the most successful. Seems like common sense, doesn't it. I realized that what I was doing before that was making things worse, was getting frustrated every time I heard something that might affect her. Getting mad even. Over silly irrational things. Someone would be hammering and I would be pissed off at them. Another person would wheel out their trash cans too loudly and that would make me mad. A garbage truck would be emptying a dumpster and I wanted to shush it. We live in a loud world and there isn't much to be done, and no use getting upset over it. My being annoyed and frustrated was affecting Roo adversely as well. So we are progressing.

She also completed and graduated from Agility 1 at the Zoom Room and we are now in Agility 2. We started last night. I was hoping the class would stay just our little group of 3 that we had become accustomed too, but no, there were 3 additional dogs in class that we didn't know, making it a full 6 dog class. This was a bit tough and stressful for the first 20 minutes and I was worried we might have to leave. But it got better. And I reminded myself that the whole reason I am bringing her to these classes is so she can improve her social skills, and this is EXACTLY what we need. Also, the other dogs were wonderful. It was Roo that was being a jerk. Hopefully after a few sessions she will get completely used to them.

On the flip side though, she really is quite good at agility. She is so focused and while other dogs will try to skirt around jumps 2 or 3 of a 3 jump series, she flies over them and goes right to her table for her treat. She loves going through the tunnel. And she is even becoming friends with the infamous teeter. :) I think having something we can do proudly together really helps her.

Roo hasn't been to too many new places recently. She did however host and befriend a wonderful dog from Angel City Pit Bulls named Handsome Dave (who is looking for a forever home!@!!) Come meet Davey at http://evidenceoflove.org/le_pet_affair this Sunday in Sherman Oaks!


  1. Good to hear she is improving. Koira had been doing really good, then today on a walk a large semi truck decided to use the air breaks right next to us, and she flipped. But she did manage to calm down later on the walk, so maybe its an improvement.

    And congrats on the agility progress. Its great fun to have a dog that enjoys a sport.

  2. Aw poor Koira. Yes those trucks can be really irritating. Roo gets very anxious as we approach intersections even if nothing is going on. She just seems to anticipate loud trucks, motorcycyles, etc at major intsersections....we try to avoid them but I live right between two major street crossings without any options to avoid them.

    Just keep working through it with Koira. Sadly it takes longer to get them away from their fears than it does for them to form their fears. But patience and perseverence will get you through it!